Adaman is a single player card game that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. It uses the Decktet card system which has six suits and most cards are dual-suited.

The premise is simple – you are heir to the throne and are trying to speed things along. Convince other subjects of the court to join your cause, but be careful, or your plot might be discovered. Make good use of the resources you have at hand to buy, trick, or eliminate anyone who stands in your way!

Both Adaman and the Decktet were designed by P.D. Magnus. The Android version has been created with his permission. You can learn more about the Decktet by visiting:

This game has been optimized for tablet resolutions.

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Desktop Version

While the Android version of Adaman is a paid app, I am giving away the desktop version for free as a way to spread the word about the game and the Decktet card system. It's my way to say thanks to P.D. Magnus for giving me permission to create the Android version of the game in the first place. The desktop version runs natively at 1280x800, but you can maximize the window and it will stretch the graphics to fit.

Download Adaman for Windows

Requirements: Java must be installed, and your video card must support OpenGL 2.0 or higher.

To install: Click the link to go to the download page, then choose File -> Download from the Google Docs menu bar. Download the zip file, unzip the exe, and run it. There is no installer; just the exe.

Alternative: Download the jar file instead. I haven't tested it on non-Windows machines, but in theory it should work (update: I have reports that it is working on both Macs and a couple distros of Linux). To run the jar file, from a command line, type:

> java -jar adaman.jar

Disclaimer: Download and run at your own risk. There is no support or warranty of any kind for either the executable or jar file. The desktop version is free for personal use. You may not resell or redistribute the application without my explicit permission.


Version 1.1. Released

  • Fixed an issue that would cause a win to incorrectly be reported as a loss under certain conditions.