DCSS Online


Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is an open-source, single-player, role-playing roguelike game of exploration and treasure-hunting in dungeons filled with dangerous and unfriendly monsters in a quest to rescue the mystifyingly fabulous Orb of Zot.

Online play is available on a handful of different WebTiles servers. Due to the way input works on Android keyboards, playing on one of these servers was impossible - until now!

DCSS Online acts as a middleman to pass along your input from your Android device to the WebTiles interface. Because of the large number of keybindings required to play, we recommend using Hacker's Keyboard, also available on Google Play.

This is an unofficial app and we aren't affiliated with the original DCSS developers. This was made because we wanted to be able to play DCSS online on Android but couldn't, and now we're sharing it with you!

There are NO IAPs or ads - it's totally free!

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